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gta 4 undress to kill tips

gta 4 undress to kill tips

Grand Theft Auto 4 is a popular video game that offers players a variety of missions to complete. One of the most challenging missions in the game is \”Undress to Kill.\” In this mission, players must navigate a strip club and take out enemies without alerting them. Here are some tips to help you successfully complete this mission:

Choose the Right Weapons

Before starting the mission, make sure you have the right weapons equipped. It’s best to use silenced weapons like a pistol or a submachine gun to take out enemies quietly. Avoid using loud weapons like shotguns or assault rifles, as they will attract attention and make the mission more difficult.

Pay Attention to the Map

Keep an eye on the mini-map in the corner of the screen to track the movements of enemies. This will help you avoid running into them and getting caught. Plan your route carefully and use cover to stay hidden from enemies.

Use Stealth Takedowns

When you approach an enemy from behind, you can perform a stealth takedown by pressing the designated button. This will silently take out the enemy without alerting others. Use this technique to eliminate enemies discreetly and progress through the mission smoothly.

Avoid Alerting Enemies

Alerting enemies will make the mission more challenging, as they will be on high alert and actively searching for you. Avoid making noise, such as running or firing loud weapons, and take out enemies quickly and quietly to maintain stealth.

Take Advantage of Distractions

You can use distractions to lure enemies away from their posts and create opportunities to take them out. Throwing objects or making noise in a different area can draw enemies away and allow you to move through the strip club unnoticed.

Stay Calm and Patient

Patience is key when completing the \”Undress to Kill\” mission. Take your time to observe enemy movements and plan your actions accordingly. Rushing through the mission can lead to mistakes and alerting enemies, so stay calm and methodical in your approach.

Restart if Necessary

If you find yourself in a difficult situation or have alerted enemies, don’t hesitate to restart the mission. It’s better to start over and try again with a clearer strategy than to struggle through and risk failure. Learn from your mistakes and apply new tactics to improve your chances of success.


Successfully completing the \”Undress to Kill\” mission in GTA 4 requires stealth, strategy, and patience. By following these tips and staying focused, you can navigate the strip club, take out enemies quietly, and accomplish your objective without getting caught. Good luck!

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